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Turkish Language Course - Fall 2023

The Yunus Emre Institute in Washington D.C. is excited to share that we are offering yet another semester of Turkish Language Courses. Although we have been teaching students all across the nation since 2017, with classes being held spring, summer and fall, this semester is especially exciting because of the return of our in person classes.

We are offering the introductory A1 level classes in person here in Washington. Even though learning a second language can be challenging, it can open up a world of new personal and professional opportunities. Whether they are taking the class to brush up on their Turkish or they want to be able to join the over 80 million other people that speak this language, our students are eagerly diving into their studies and the culture at our cultural center and online.

The Yunus Emre Institute offers courses with thorough lessons and provides the ability for students to take the Turkish proficiency Exam that internationally recognizes their newfound proficiency in speaking and understanding the Turkish language. The Turkish language is now considered a critical language by the US Department of State, which means it is possible to find a career in many different disciplines globally that use this language. Our students benefit from learning a new language, culture, and history and can share them with the world, just like the Yunus Emre Institute does every day!


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