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The Yunus Emre Institute Begins The 2020 Spring Semester Of Turkish Language Classes

If you had to guess how many Turkish speakers there are in the world, what would you guess? If the answer was around 90 million then you would be correct, which is why learning Turkish has never been more important for professional and personal relationships. Learning Turkish has also never been more accessible than it is today. Throughout the last two years the Yunus Emre Institute in Washington D.C. has taught over 500 students the foundational knowledge that they need to understand Turkish, joining over 75,000 students that The Yunus Emre Institute has taught worldwide. The Yunus Emre Institute welcomed over forty new students for the first day of A1 and A2 level Turkish language courses for the Spring semester. In addition, the A2 level classes commenced with the Yunus Emre Institute in Washington D.C.’s first certificate ceremony, which certifies that they have reached a higher level of learning the Turkish language.

The first day of A1 classes was an exciting one as new students embarked on their Turkish language learning journey and returning students were able to have a warm reunion with their fellow returning classmates. All of the students collectively expressed their enthusiasm for the Spring Semester and the opportunity to learn Turkish with their hoca, meaning teacher. A1 classes are split into two distinct sections which are A1.1, the first introductory class that covers four units, and A1.2, which is the second introductory class that covers the next four units. A1.1 students will learn about how to introduce themselves, their friends, and describe their families among other topics, while A1.2 students will learn about how to talk about jobs, transportation, and vacations. This is only the beginning, however, and one of many steps that these students will take to be able to fully communicate in the Turkish language.

To start the A2 level courses, several students gathered in the Yunus Emre Institute’s language classroom to receive their A1 course certificates that arrived directly from the Yunus Emre Institute’s headquarters in Ankara. The certificate can be utilized in a number of ways but it is most helpful for professionals who are looking to certify that they have reached an intermediate level of the Turkish language. It was an incredibly special occasion because this group of students worked especially hard to master the fundamentals of Turkish through both the A1.1 and A1.2 classes. Casey, the Yunus Emre Institute in Washington D.C.’s Public Relations Director, gave an opening speech recognizing them for their achievement. She expressed how much of an honor it was for the Yunus Emre Institute to engage in cultural exchange with these students from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. She additionally thanked them for putting forth the effort to enjoy Turkish culture by attending different Yunus Emre Institute events outside of the classroom.

The Yunus Emre Foundation is a public foundation designed to educate the public about Turkey and its language, history, culture, and art. The Foundation makes such related information and documents available for use in the world. Facilitating cultural exchange between Turkey and other countries is a central objective of the Foundation. If you are interested in receiving more information, please email

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Dec 02, 2020

Merhaba. My name is Arooj. The course is only for the resident. Is this course is not online.

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