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Yunus Emre Institute Welcomes Executive Director Gökhan Coşkun

Director Coşkun Brings Years of Cultural, Educational, and Diplomatic Experience to D.C.

Washington, D.C. - Yunus Emre Institute in Washington, D.C. recently welcomed its new Executive Director, Gökhan Coşkun. Director Çoşkun is a specialist in U.S.-Eurasian relations, particularly U.S.-Turkey relations, and international education. Director Coşkun took over after former Executive Director Halid Bulut transitioned to a new role in August. The institute is thankful for Mr. Bulut’s service and wishes him well in his future pursuits.

Director Coşkun brings over 15 years of leadership experience to his new role at the Yunus Emre Institute. He served as the CEO of the Harriet Fulbright Institute, later the Institute of Technology, Economics, and Diplomacy, for over 14 years. Starting in 2007, he worked with many national and international organizations such as private businesses, universities, NGOs, governments and their embassies, UNESCO, and the United Nations to develop international education and cultural programs. He led a civic project called Girls in STEM (GIS Project) which created new opportunities for hundreds of girls in Turkey. The program also inspired hundreds of Syrian refugee girls who were living in Turkey. The GIS Project was the first international exchange program between Turkey, Korea, and the U.S. focused on STEM education for sixth-grade girls. In 2008, he led the first English Study Abroad program for Turkish students, and, in 2009, he founded the first Turkish university campus in the United States. Director Coşkun also worked with the State Department’s Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs to establish an education program for North Korean defectors that was renewed after its initial term.

Director Coşkun released the following statement about his appointment:

I’m embarking on a new journey as the Executive Director of Yunus Emre Institute USA. It is an enormous honor to present the very best of Turkey to the US.

I learned tremendous matters during my 14 years of service as the CEO of the Harriet Fulbright Institute and INTED, especially the importance of soft power diplomacy, education, culture, and art for the peaceful world. It was a great honor to work with the honorable Ms. Harriet Fulbright and all of my colleagues, and sincere thanks for their ongoing support and excellent leadership. I can’t wait to see where this new chapter of my career will take me with its opportunities to grow and learn. 2021 is the Year of Yunus Emre, the poet whose words have brought countless voices together in harmony and love. As Yunus Emre wrote, “Come, let us be friends for once.”

Yunus Emre Institute is excited to work with Director Coşkun in the years to come. The institute invites its friends in the D.C. community to join its staff in welcoming Director Coşkun to his new role.

Yunus Emre Institute is a Turkish cultural center located in Washington, D.C. and around the world. The institute educates the public about Turkey’s culture, history, and language through art, science, music, culinary arts, and literature programs. For more information about the institute’s mission or online programs, please email or follow @yeewdc on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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