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Virtual Turkish Coffee Happy Hour 8th Edition

Washington D.C. - The Yunus Emre Institute in Washington D.C. hosted the 8th edition of its fan-favorite Turkish Coffee Happy Hour on June 4th, 2021. Nearly a dozen guests from many different backgrounds joined this event to thoroughly understand the intricate and fascinating history of Turkish coffee. Guests were able to learn about its history, cultural significance, brewing process, and eventually were able to show what they had learned in a competitive trivia game.

Guests were initially welcomed by Public Relations Assistants Harper and Matt, who went over the outline of the program. Once everyone was settled in, guests entered the misafir odası, meaning guest room in Turkish. They learned about the historical and cultural significance of Turkish coffee, dating back to the 16th century Ottoman Empire. To get a better idea of the brewing process, guests were able to enter the mutfak, meaning kitchen, and watch a video that demonstrates the proper way to make a good cup of Turkish coffee. The subsequent sohbet session, meaning chat, provided a nice break for guests to talk and ask questions about Turkish coffee. Finally, guests were able to compete with each other in a head-to-head trivia competition and the first prize winner will receive an authentic Turkish coffee set!

The audience shared many questions and stories about Turkish coffee culture. One of the guests mentioned how they came from a Yemeni and Ethiopian background and that they enjoyed learning about Turkey’s unique coffee traditions. People asked questions about Turkey’s Ottoman heritage and how coffee evolved from the Ottoman Empire. Turkish coffee was invented in the Ottoman Empire and spread throughout Turkey and the surrounding region over several centuries. A few guests were interested in the differences and similarities between American and Turkish coffee, particularly if there are different flavors of Turkish coffee. Just like American coffee, some modern Turkish coffee may infuse flavors such as hazelnut, vanilla, or cardamom. People enjoyed the event, cheering each other on as friends during the trivia challenge.

The Yunus Emre Foundation is a public foundation designed to educate the public about Turkey and its language, history, culture, and art. The Foundation makes such related information and documents available for use in the world. Facilitating cultural exchange between Turkey and other countries is a central objective of the Foundation. If you are interested in receiving more information, please email

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