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The Yunus Emre Institute Commemorated the 98th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey

Republic Day Kicked Off with a Reception at the Turkish Embassy

Washington, D.C. - On October 28th, the eve of Turkey’s founding, the Yunus Emre Institute joined the Turkish embassy in observing Republic Day. Republic Day, which is annually celebrated on October 29th, is an extraordinarily significant holiday in Turkish culture because it commemorates Turkey’s birth as a republic and a sovereign nation. The Turkish embassy’s observance included a keynote speech by the ambassador, a message from the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, and musical performances that showcased Turkey’s cultural heritage.

Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, declared that Turkey was henceforth a republic on October 29th, 1923. He was subsequently elected president by the Grand National Assembly. It is common for Turks to go to Ankara and visit his mausoleum, Anıtkabir, to honor his legacy on this special day. Republic Day is not just a solemn day of remembrance but also an exciting day of Turkish pride. Many people celebrate the holiday by attending parades, lighting fireworks, and enjoying a feast with their friends and family.

His Excellency Hasan Murat Mercan took the stage first to deliver his remarks to the crowd of attendees. He first noted that Turkey has worked hard to ensure peace, prosperity, and stability in the region, especially with the help of NATO. Ambassador Mercan went on to note that geopolitical tensions and unconventional security threats need to be addressed with lasting solutions by the global community before they become crises. He underlined the fact that Turkey and the United States, together, must play an integral role in solving these problems and have accomplished great feats in the past. Ambassador Mercan thanked all of the guests for attending the embassy’s celebration then read aloud President Erdoğan’s message of hope and national pride to the public.

A message from Governor Larry Hogan was also read aloud to the audience by Maryland’s Secretary of State, John Wobensmith. Governor Hogan congratulated the people of Turkey on the 98th Anniversary of the founding of their republic. He expressed the mutual respect and admiration that he and the citizens of Maryland have for the people of Turkey. The governor’s statement concluded by extending his best wishes towards Turkey then hoped for a memorable and rewarding celebration on such an exceptional occasion.

Yunus Emre Institute is a Turkish cultural center located in Washington, D.C. and around the world. The institute hosts events and programs that educate the public about Turkey’s culture, history, and language. For more information about the institute’s mission or online programs, please email or follow @yeewdc on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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